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i've made up my mind: i'll make two couples VERY VERY happy by giving away two free photo shoots in vegas! if you or someone you know is getting married in vegas on the 6th or 7th of sept of this year, email me! I NEED YOU!

i can fly....AGAIN!

granted - i was out of commission for a while. but i'm BACK. i can fly again. my daughter is 2.5 years old now and i'm slowly getting back into the swing of things....into the swing of traveling. and it's not like i HAVEN'T been traveling at all in the past two years. three euro trips, three trips to mexico, and then there was this one little vegas fling with the yahoo sistas. great times with great ladies!

so off i am to VEGAS again in september. maybe i'll check out photoshop world, and maybe not - $600 for the exhibit and the workshop i REALLY want to attend is sold out and therefore unavailable - WTF!  that's a lot of pocketmoney for...let's see....umbrella drinks and gambling fun!

we shall see.

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hola from the galapagos

steve and i are having the time of our lives here in the beautiful and enchanting galapagos islands. we returned from our 5-day cruise yesterday and we are currently relaxing in porto ayora on the island of santa cruz at the red mangrove adventure inn. cute little inn, way overprized but really cool.

we took tons of pics and i nearly broke a bone hiking on lava rocks, felt like an idiot but alas, that is what happens to old people. typing of old, steve and i were the oldest people on board of the encantada motor sail boat. what a trip that was! it was more like a pirate ship than a cruise boat, no hot water, food was great and the fellow travelers a pleasure to be around. great, great experience. and very overwhelming!

my fav. were probably the albatross and blue footed boobie. the animals are not afraid of humans but it is strictly forbidden to touch them.

i do not want to return to the states. i think i will get a job here at the hotel, steve can work as a boat mechanic and we will live happily ever after. work - job - money - it is all so overrated. life is better here and this trip has changed me.

or maybe we will buy a sailboat and raise our kid there - far, far away from all the BS....i am just so afraid of returning to the states.....

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

3 hours til departure....

and steve has yet to pack!!!! one has got to love that man, i tell ya. he's sound asleep, not a worry in the world, was up late last night too, preparing paperwork for his new job, which he'll start upon our return from the islands. way to go, scuba steve!

Friday, April 11, 2008

our galapagos itinerary

04/15: we're leaving at ~noon and getting into guayaquil at around ~9 p.m. (local time); first hotel night: hotel unipark.

04/16: off to galapagos at 10:00 a.m. on AeroGal, arrive in baltra at around 10:40 a.m., where we'll be met by our guide and taken to the encantada.

4/16 (wed): Baltra, Santa Cruz highlands, Charles Darwin station

4/17: Floreana

4/18: Española

4/19: San Cristobal: Leon dormido, Isla lobos, Santa Fé

4/20: North Seymour, Baltra

4/20: board ferry to santa cruz island, check into Red Mangrove Adventure Inn

4/21: chill

4/22: board ferry to baltra island, catch flight (~noon) to guayaquil, ecuador - check into unipark
4/23: return to the states


i'm feeling pretty alive just thinking about our upcoming adventure!

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i talked to my sis today. she's concerned our sail boat might get seized by some south american pirates. yeah, well, i don't could happen! although i seriously doubt it. the encantada is definitely not one of the top-notch vessels that's cruising the galapagos islands, so much has to be said. it's a comfortable gringo class. that's just about it.

we're super excited, that's for sure, and we're leaving next tuesday (not soon enough). here's a pic of our motor sail boat, the encantada. she's a beauty, isn't she?

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ESCAPE means nothing if you are the same person you were when you return to your trap.

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so many people live within unhappy circumstances and yet will not take the initiative to change their situation because they are conditioned to live a life of security, conformity, and conservatism, all of which may appear to give one peace of mind, but in reality nothing is more damaging to the adventurous spirit within a man than a secure future. the very basic core of a man's living spirit is his passion for adventure. the joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun.


listening to sean dinsmore's mangalam as i'm posting this - definitely no yodeling going on here this evening.

our trip to austria came and went, but what a trip it was! i got to see my nieces (can't even describe how much i love my little angels), got to see my mom, my sis, all my friends - it was fabulous. we drank wayyyy too much at the pub and mom cooked wayyyy too much yummy food :) oh - and we even got upgraded to economy plus enroute to europe - it's like an upgraded sardine class, really not all that shabby in all fairness. we had plenty of legroom and i think i slept for 3 or 4 hours after i watched 'into the wild'. (needless to say i cried myself to sleep.)

then off to ischgl we went where we had some of the best skiing conditions i've ever experienced - but we also got stuck in complete whiteout on the mountain one day and that got my heart beating there for a second! i felt strangely alive and scared at the same time, and steve was such a trooper and reassured me that 'we are gonna make it' the entire time.

at any rate - we definitely had a grand time and enjoyed the slopes in switzerland just as much as the ones on the austrian side of the alps (pre- and post whiteout...)

if you're reading this post because you've googled the keyword ISCHGL then i have only one thing to say: GO. it's a charming little resort village, skiing is great there, food's awesome and the wine's are very tasty as well :)

we stayed at a little b&b - bergheim vergiel. mrs. pfeiffer was extremely sweet and spoiled us from the minute we stepped into her beautiful home -- the breakfasts she served us where from out of this world.

the two restaurants we loved the most were the walser stube in mathon (3 miles west of ischgl) and the baurakucha loba in the center of ischgl. both were fabulous, but the walser stube rocked! it's a 400-year old farm house that was recently restored and there's even a privately-sponsored museum in the farm's attic.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

munich, here we come!

i'm feeling alive again - hibernation has come to an end, i'm learning spanish and i've booked two roundtrip tickets for steven and myself and we're leaving for munich on January - get this - 15!!woohoo!

life couldn't be better at the moment. i feel like i'm on top of the world and i'm having unusually empowering dreams lately - in my last one i showed off to all my friends how easy it was to fly. there ya go - try topping that one. so the answer is yes, i CAN fly [lol].

and i have resolutions for the new year, yes i do. wanna hear? ok, well, i'm the queen of LOL and i want to change that. no more lols. here's one last one....LOL.
i want to eat better. and less. and i want to live life to its fullest. i want to risk more, worry less, and travel more.

at any rate - i'm excited. looks like 2008 is going to be a grand year!!!!

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

good times at the iberostar! tracey, rich, julie, steve, and heidi

Friday, October 5, 2007

r there sonics in mexico?


blah blah blah blah blah blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhoh, and did i mention i'm going to mexico on sunday?blah blah blah blah blah hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

good grief, i'm good and ready for a nice, long, warm, and relaxing vacation. sister tracey is almost on her way and steve and i will be arriving in CUN on sunday. a few last-minute things and off i go - and what's unsettling is that after mexico i have absolutely no trips planned. NOT GOOD.

hasta luego!

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yes, i CAN fly.

 i can fly!
after collecting my luggage at leonardo da vinci airport (aka fiumicino, short FCU), i walked over to rome's central station (roma termini) and took the leonardo express (platform 2) into the city. Click for Schedule and return information.
(i followed the Stazione FS/Railway Station signs - very easy to find). i didn't get my ticket from a machine, there was a guy who waved me over and he asked me if i was going downtown and he wrote me ticket right there on the spot - it was 11 euros.

don't forget to validate your ticket by inserting it in the validation machine before you enter the train.

i had a few minutes and decided to purchase a roma pass (includes 3 admission tickets to sights in rome and a 3day metro pass. cost: 20 euros). HINT: some tabacchis carry that little red sucker as well!) the alternative would have been buying tickets for each individual metro ride (costs €1 and is good for a single metro ride or 75 minutes on the busses). tickets for both the bus system and Metro can be purchased from a tabacchi (tobacco shop), a bar, or vending machines at metro stations and major bus stops. a daily ticket (B.I.G.) is available for €4, (three days for €11) and a weekly ticket (C.I.S.) costs €16

when i arrived at rome termini (in the city center) i took metro line B one stop to cavour station, from there, i dragged my little carry on over some pretty massive cobble stone down on via_____then up on via dei goti, which is where the convent casa il rosario is located.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

buon giorno, roma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hi everyone!!!!!!! did ya miss me??? of course you did!!!!
so, let me just start this blog entry by saying I AM HAVING A HECK OF A TIME TYPING THIS as this keyboard is driving me insane! lots of keys that look oh so unfamiliar to me but alas -- i will manage.

cannot curse here i am in a convent. trust me, i would, but i am trying to keep it clean.

i flew air one from linz to roma via vienna this morning and got to the eternal city right after noon. i (along with all the other passengers of my flight -- all 10 of them....) waited at carousel 10 and we waited and waited and none of our suitcases showed. turned out the luggage came out on carousel 9. so, if you ever travel to rome, donàt trust the info thatàs depicted on the monitors.

then our flight attendendant from iad to fra had told me that when buying the ticket for the leonardo express not do validate it -- they never check it anyway, she said. well, little does she know. luckily i had validated mine, so i did not get into too much trouble.

the convent i am staying at is located in the ancient city, which means it is literally only 5 mins from the coliseum and the forum, and needless to say everything is pretty breathtaking!!!!!!!!!! i think i will takle the vaticane tomorrow, i am pretty hyped about seeing the sistine chapel. ironically, the pope is on his way to austria...oh well, perhaps our paths will cross another time....

i made it down to the coliseum today, had a really nice pizza and a heineken on the steps of some piazza very close to the convent and chatted with some locals. very low key, very nice though.

i am tired as heck; i think i am going to bed soon. plus the keyboard situation is killing me!

consider yourself hugged ;)

CIAO è tanti bacci!


Saturday, July 14, 2007

EUROPE -- here i come!

i'm packed -- pretty much ready to go; my europe adventure begins!!!
i'm leaving at 5:18 this evening, i have overpacked as never before (i'm on an anti rick stevens crusade...) and i cannot wait to see my family. lucy and the kids are going to be at the airport - i'm sooooo looking forward to seeing sabine and melanie!

i'll be heading to roma on tuesday -- which will also be my first chance to go online. so, if you don't hear from me until then please don't worry.

tanti saluti e a presto!


Friday, July 6, 2007

advice from a fellow TA member after hearing about my cube-smacker debacle:

Heidi, put the gun down and give me the Chalupa. Put the gun down. Don't make me hafta shoot you.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007


well well well! it took me a while to post those pics, but they are well worth the long wait! what a great time we had -- we, that is the YAHOO sistahood, a group of ladies who met on a cancun message board 5 years ago. or was it 6 years ago?! at any rate -- i arrived at the golden nugget on friday and headed straight to the pool where i pretty much remained for the remainder of the trip! it was VERY hot (103) and it seemed like a great idea to be in the pool, sipping mojitos and beer.

tracey and annie arrived at the nugget at ~ midnight on friday and even though i'd already been in bed, i promptly got up when i got their call and we headed on over to binions for their 3.99 breakfast deal. mmmmm! i love breakfast! it kind of sets the stage for an entire day, and what better food is there than breakfast food?!

andra, vickie, tammy, sheila, and lindy arrived in the early afternoon on saturday and after the new members of the sisterhood were given their necklaces we headed to our rooms and got ready for the evening, which consisted of drinking and singing karaoke at ellis island. well, lindy and i took care of the head banging while vickie and tammy sang karaoke!

it was just as hot on day two as it was on day one so annie, tracey, and i headed to the pool fairly early in the morning as we didn't really have anything else planned except hang out and drink beer and mojitos (see a pattern here?)

the beer was served in buckets, and we'd take turns buying them; it was almost like a ritual of such great importance as if our lives had depended on us having a bucket sitting in front of us at all times.

the beer bucket! and the fun thing about it is: you don't have to go to the beer store for them! you get them right from the pool bar!

at any rate, we had a blast!!!!


Sunday, June 17, 2007

status of the shed: roof's on and done, windows are in, currently waiting for the garage door to be delivered. i still can't believe that this thing is gonna have a freaggin' garage door.... :)

luzia: was sag'st zu meina neich'n hittn?

at any rate....we hosted a little bbq yesterday evening and i'm still 'suffering'. those mojitos were pretty potent and i'm not sure what all was said but i clearly remember O. andy threatening to send out a google to the people who failed to pay me for a photo shoot.

andy proceeded to interrogate me about things (illegal things) i've done in the past and i think i shocked him quite a bit when i told him that the worst thing i've ever done was to tell my friends that i had a pool at my house (it was a complete lie - i just wanted them to hang out with me and figured i'd have a better shot if i told them we had a pool).

the worst part was that they took off the minute they noticed that i didn't have a pool.

that's a desperate little kid right there....

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she says it like it is!

dixie says it like it is. she won't pretend to like you if she doesn't - so, what you see is what you get.

dixi (79) and john (84) are steve's step-grandparents. john hates the germans and japanese and he has some of the most amazing war stories to tell.

they came over for cake and coffee yesterday and we really enjoyed their company. great folks -- great country -- happy memorial day!

typing of memorial day (weekend): this weekend marks the anniversary of a few milestones in my life; they are:
  • 10 years ago: broke my hip rollerblading
  • 3 years ago: received the american citizenship
  • 1 year ago: got commissioned as a notary public in the state of maryland

Monday, May 21, 2007

airshow @ andrews afb

WOW! the airshow at andrews air force base was amazing!! from civilian to military demonstrations - there was not one minute of dullness at the joint services open house this year.

F-22 Raptor, F-16 (Fighting Falcon) Thunderbirds, The Skytypers, F/A-18F Super Hornet, Sean Tucker -- just to name a few of the attractions.

oh yeah - i got a big hug from sean tucker!!!! this guy is absolutely crazy if you ask me; he flies the oracle challenger bi-plane - a monster of a bi-plane with 400 HP (that's PS in the old world).

the pics on the right are of the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds. steve and i were disappointed at first because we favor the blue angels, but we were pleasantly surprised by this year's show the birds put on. RESPECT!

INDIA ON $1500 [AI] -- here's how i did it:

- air fare (austrian airlines): $950.00

- 3 nights at the delhi bed and breakfast: $170.00

- 2 days driver in delhi (Atma): $70.00

- 2 nights at hotel pearl palace: $27.00

- 2 nights at the rambagh palace: $70.00

- train (shatabdi express) from delhi to agra: $16.00

- COMMUTER bus from agra to jaipur: $2.90

- A/C deluxe bus from jaipur to delhi: $15.00 - meeting all the curious kids along the way: PRICELESS

tiger fort, jaipur, india

tiger fort, jaipur, india

en route to the monkey temple, jaipur

en route to the monkey temple, jaipur

taj mahal, india

taj mahal, india