Sunday, January 6, 2008

munich, here we come!

i'm feeling alive again - hibernation has come to an end, i'm learning spanish and i've booked two roundtrip tickets for steven and myself and we're leaving for munich on January - get this - 15!!woohoo!

life couldn't be better at the moment. i feel like i'm on top of the world and i'm having unusually empowering dreams lately - in my last one i showed off to all my friends how easy it was to fly. there ya go - try topping that one. so the answer is yes, i CAN fly [lol].

and i have resolutions for the new year, yes i do. wanna hear? ok, well, i'm the queen of LOL and i want to change that. no more lols. here's one last one....LOL.
i want to eat better. and less. and i want to live life to its fullest. i want to risk more, worry less, and travel more.

at any rate - i'm excited. looks like 2008 is going to be a grand year!!!!

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INDIA ON $1500 [AI] -- here's how i did it:

- air fare (austrian airlines): $950.00

- 3 nights at the delhi bed and breakfast: $170.00

- 2 days driver in delhi (Atma): $70.00

- 2 nights at hotel pearl palace: $27.00

- 2 nights at the rambagh palace: $70.00

- train (shatabdi express) from delhi to agra: $16.00

- COMMUTER bus from agra to jaipur: $2.90

- A/C deluxe bus from jaipur to delhi: $15.00 - meeting all the curious kids along the way: PRICELESS

tiger fort, jaipur, india

tiger fort, jaipur, india

en route to the monkey temple, jaipur

en route to the monkey temple, jaipur

taj mahal, india

taj mahal, india