Wednesday, February 13, 2008


listening to sean dinsmore's mangalam as i'm posting this - definitely no yodeling going on here this evening.

our trip to austria came and went, but what a trip it was! i got to see my nieces (can't even describe how much i love my little angels), got to see my mom, my sis, all my friends - it was fabulous. we drank wayyyy too much at the pub and mom cooked wayyyy too much yummy food :) oh - and we even got upgraded to economy plus enroute to europe - it's like an upgraded sardine class, really not all that shabby in all fairness. we had plenty of legroom and i think i slept for 3 or 4 hours after i watched 'into the wild'. (needless to say i cried myself to sleep.)

then off to ischgl we went where we had some of the best skiing conditions i've ever experienced - but we also got stuck in complete whiteout on the mountain one day and that got my heart beating there for a second! i felt strangely alive and scared at the same time, and steve was such a trooper and reassured me that 'we are gonna make it' the entire time.

at any rate - we definitely had a grand time and enjoyed the slopes in switzerland just as much as the ones on the austrian side of the alps (pre- and post whiteout...)

if you're reading this post because you've googled the keyword ISCHGL then i have only one thing to say: GO. it's a charming little resort village, skiing is great there, food's awesome and the wine's are very tasty as well :)

we stayed at a little b&b - bergheim vergiel. mrs. pfeiffer was extremely sweet and spoiled us from the minute we stepped into her beautiful home -- the breakfasts she served us where from out of this world.

the two restaurants we loved the most were the walser stube in mathon (3 miles west of ischgl) and the baurakucha loba in the center of ischgl. both were fabulous, but the walser stube rocked! it's a 400-year old farm house that was recently restored and there's even a privately-sponsored museum in the farm's attic.

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Frederik said...

Nice blog! I Love Ischgl

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